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Economic efficiency: a pre-requisite for further development
We regard the pursuit of profitability as a prerequisite for healthy and sustainable company development and growth. We wish to provide our owners with a dividend commensurate with expectations while rewarding our employees with a profit-linked bonus. We expect a cost-conscious attitude at every level and in every respect.

Personal, social and economic security: we take responsibility for a positive social and economic environment
Our workplaces take ergonomics, security and health into account. We guarantee economic security through a healthy and responsible business foundation. We encourage a respectful atmosphere among employees and include them in our daily business affairs.

Innovative thoughts and actions: We are continually at the forefront of the competition.
We work creatively in a team to turn innovative ideas into reality. We consider sleeping habits and our customers’ needs systematically and apply the results of our findings to the products we develop. We also work with external partners to these ends. We use modern technology to serve our customers’ needs in an environmentally responsible way. We are the quickest and most flexible in the market. We are uncompromisingly orientated towards our customers. We solve our customers’ problems. We have the highest innovative potential. We contribute justifiable additional services and offer added value benefits. We offer a range of services with additional customer benefits.

Internal working environment: By promoting personal responsibility and own initiative we work profitably together.
Employees are encouraged to think and act above and beyond their own individual area. We view personal responsibility and initiative as a cornerstone for entrepreneurial planning and implementation. Technical and social expertise facilitates daily task and conflict management both within the team and the company as a whole.

Communication/transparency: We are open in our communication.
We strive to maintain optimum transparency through mutual information sharing with customers and suppliers. Constructive dialogue with our employees promotes team spirit and motivates everyone to give of their best at all times.

Quality: Good work produces good quality.
Our goods are produced using carefully selected materials. Continual optimisation of production processes and conditions ensure end products of the highest quality.

Ethics: We actively support trade based upon ethical values.
Esteem, respect and recognition towards others are at the forefront. We show appreciation at all levels. billerbeck takes a neutral stance towards religion, geographical origin and ideology.

Development and care of resources:
We make careful use of our resources.

Our values