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Lucerne Cosy – Caro down duvet: light and pleasantly soft

Greater warmth and with cosy volume. Quilted caros ensure the filling does not slip around.

Quilted caro duvets are very light yet still effectively provide warmth. The two layers of fabric used for quilting stop the filling from slipping around and ensure it is evenly distributed. Filled with high quality down and wrapped in a pleasantly soft cotton satin cover in trendy mocca colour.


High quality down with its fine branches and millions of air chambers provides the perfect sleep climate, with a continual balance between «warm» and «cool», «dry» and «moist». That is what gives you the incomparable snuggle down feeling. In just seconds, they produce an incomparable “snuggle-down” feeling.

  • The higher the quality of the down filling, the lower the fill weight can be because it is not the fill quantity but the fill power that determines how much air remains trapped and hence the degree of warmth retention.
  • When you select your new duvet, look for one with the highest possible down content because down provides the best breathability combined with the lightest weight.
  • For pillows, the proportion of feathers is decisive in determining elasticity and long-lasting support
Lucerne Cosy
Warmth scale
Warmth scale

Warmth scale: warm
For those who need a lot of warmth


90% pure, new goose down, white. 10% small feathers. Class I (European norm).


100% cotton, satin, mocca, hydrophilic and breathable.

Design: Fully quilted caros prevent the filling from slipping around

Hydrophilic, absorbs – releases
The special fabric, with its hydrophilic finish, ensures that the warmth is evenly distributed and remains constant. Moisture can\'t collect in one place because the material absorbs it quickly, distributes it and then releases it out into the air



Our down-proof fabric is so finely woven that mites cannot get in. Down duvets and feather pillows are also recommended for those with a house dust allergy.