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The quality of Dauny fillings

The softest, fluffiest, warmest and most exquisite down in the world comes from the eider duck.
The duvet is very light and covers the body like a breath of warming air. 1000 down feathers weigh just 1 gram!

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Dauny is a high quality brand product for which we use only the very best material from the appropriate price bracket. We purchase the raw materials from carefully selected European suppliers. The down and feathers come from well fed, mature animals. Did you know? As a member of the “Swiss Bedding Manufacturers Association” (VSB) live plucking has been banned from our products since 2001. Our down and feathers are a by-product of the meat industry and never come from live animals.

We choose particularly fluffy, large cluster fillings – selected natural products for a healthy and relaxing night’s sleep.

Down content: 100%
The down content for the exclusive quality down used by Dauny is 95 – 100%. We reach this level of quality with sorting machines that use precise air streams to carefully sort feathers and down according to their weight.

Dauny – only large cluster down
The volume of the down in the filling is of greater importance than the down content itself. Large cluster down has better insulating properties, can absorb moisture better and creates a continuous balance between warm and cool, between humid and dry. That is what gives you the incomparable snuggle down feeling. Large clusters also have a greater fill power which means that the duvet needs less filling and is thus lighter. You never feel trapped under the duvet, it doesn’t weigh down heavily on you, you just feel its soft presence: an important factor for a good night’s restful sleep. And finally, large clusters are significantly more durable and resilient.

It is not without reason that down duvets in the top price bracket are classified as ideal by sleep researchers.
All our duvets are labelled with a warmth rating (1 point = summer light, 5 points = extra warm); this makes it easier to select the right duvet.

Virgin wool
The absolute favourite for those who perspire a lot or suffer from rheumatism. This natural product can absorb up to one third of its own weight in moisture. Sheep are all weather animals and have adjusted to cope with wind and rain, highs and lows, heat, cold and wet conditions. Good wool is one of the sturdiest materials offered to us by nature and its advantages are shown to best effect in a virgin wool duvet. Stain-resistant yet smooth, air cells neutralise excessive heat and the smell of perspiration. Durable and robust.
Recuperation factor: good for those with rheumatism or who perspire a lot.

The Cashmere goat gives us the finest and most exquisite hair of all. Cashmere hair, like eiderdown, is only available in limited quantities.
But this alone does not explain its exclusivity. Cashmere hair feels wonderful against your skin, and has a profoundly pleasing effect on skin sensitivity, as though it had been created specially for the human body. It has the same general properties as virgin wool and camel hair, but is infinitely finer. It is ideal for connoisseurs, for those who perspire a lot, anyone with rheumatism and those who appreciate a touch of the exclusive. Recuperation factor: For the target audience and lovers of the exclusive – perfect.

This is a cellulose fibre that can be used as a duvet filling. This duvet will particularly appeal to nature lovers. Lyocell is 100% biologically degradable and can absorb up to a quarter of its own weight in moisture.
This makes it of interest for normal sleepers as well as those who sometimes perspire.

Synthetic products are very appealing for those who suffer from allergies. They have a neutral effect on your skin and are odourless. The duvets can and should be washed regularly. The high quality synthetic fibres used by Dauny have a similar effect to natural down products on the skin. They are also very fluffy and cuddly. Synthetic products are not suitable for those who perspire a lot.