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Dauny - Quality

Dauny – pure quality of life
There are no compromises made in materials or workmanship Dauny down and feather products are produced exclusively in Switzerland according to the strictest quality standards.

Dauny duvets offer you the perfect combination of filling and covering material
Dauny offers the perfect bedding for all our customers’ needs. These vary in terms of warmth requirements, humidity during the night, internal balance stability, sleep quality and skin sensitivity. Providing optimum solutions for all these requirements involves the use of different fillings that are always combined with the best covering materials.

Finding this perfect combination between filling and covering material defines the fine art of duvet making.

The result?
Deeper, more restful sleep!

Covering materials
A good duvet filling needs a light covering material. For what use is a super light filling if the covering material is heavy? Only light cotton fabrics are used for Dauny duvets.
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Dauny is a high quality brand product for which we use only the very best material from the appropriate price bracket.
We purchase the raw materials from carefully selected European suppliers.
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