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A really sound night’s sleep has a lot to do with hygiene. Well aired and carefully shaken duvets and pillows are a wonderful prelude to a restful night. Good hygiene brings its own rewards. Bedding that is regularly cleaned has a longer life and responds better to the needs of the sleeper. According to scientific findings, swifter temperature regulation and an optimum moisture exchange are key factors for falling asleep quickly and sleeping throughout the night.

billerbeck uses the most modern technological processes so that your bedding is cleaned both carefully and professionally.

We offer the choice of two options:

Wet cleaning (laundry service)
The bedding is washed and tumble dried or dried. Using a new, modern and ecological cleaning process, we can now even wash sensitive bedding correctly and without chemical solvents.
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Full service (full cleaning service)
The entire filling is cleaned, steamed and all dust is removed. It is then disinfected and about 10% new material is added. This regenerated filling is then put into a new cover. For reasons of hygiene, and because the fill power significantly decreases, down duvets should be cleaned carefully and professionally every three to five years (Full cleaning).
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Care tips
Bedding that is well taken care of will provide greater comfort and hygiene while you sleep. Well-aired duvets and carefully plumped pillows form a wonderful prelude to a good, healthy and refreshing night.
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