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Getting enough sleep

Tips for a restful night
Our sleep research shows that difficulties getting to sleep and restless nights are often the result of incorrect or deficient bedding.

Cold feet
As a rule, the temperature of your feet is lower than the temperature of your upper body. If the temperature falls by just half a degree, the sleeper may feel uncomfortable and begin to feel the cold. This precludes the possibility of restful sleep. It is a good idea to improve the circulation in your feet just before you go to bed.

Feeling the cold
If you feel the cold, you need more warmth than your duvet can provide. When you buy a duvet, look at the billerbeck warmth rating. This offers you a guide from light (1) to extra warm (5).

Just too hot
Here, the opposite is true. Your duvet is too warm for you. We recommend you choose a duvet with a lower warmth rating.

Your personal warmth requirements
In order to help you select the best duvet for your warmth requirements, billerbeck has allocated each duvet its own warmth rating. These warmth ratings grade duvets according to a scale from “1 – summer light“ through to “5 – extra warm“. This means that someone who needs a light cover doesn’t have to perspire all night, while someone who needs a warm duvet, e.g. due to poor circulation, can also find an ideal duvet for them.

How many hours sleep do you need at night?
Average sleep requirements generally decrease the older we get:

  • Newborn = more than 20 hours
  • Babies = approx. 16 – 18 hours
  • Infants = approx. 12 hours
  • School children = approx. 10 hours
  • From 20 years of age = 7-9 hours
  • From 50 years of age = approx. 6 hours

The billerbeck Sleep and Health Foundation has published a book, "The fascination of dreams, the phenomenon of sleep" with all sorts of useful advice on getting a good night’s sleep. It also clearly demonstrates the importance of restful sleep for your quality of life and general health. Based on scientific principles and with practical examples and useful insights, the reader is invited on an exciting journey through the secrets of the night whilst learning how better to understand individual sleep behaviour.

"The fascination of dreams, the phenomenon of sleep", published by the billerbeck Sleep and Health Foundation, can be ordered at billerbeck Schweiz AG for CHF 15.00 (Z-0915).

ISBN-10: 978-3-033-007,
ISBN-13: 978-3-033-00700-0