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Dauny - Bedding advice

How can I find the right duvet for me?
The way you sleep is as individual as you are. billerbeck has the right product for you, no matter how you like to sleep. To help you find the products that suit you best, we have put together a whole series of helpful information.  

The right duvet
The idea that the fill weight of a duvet gives a clear indication of its quality is still accepted as fact by lots of people: the heavier, the better. But this is not true. Different fillings offer different features. A high-quality filling - light, flexible, voluminous and retaining its shape - has better insulating properties than an inferior one. When you buy a duvet, look at its warmth rating. Rely on your personal sense of touch. Take the duvet and hold it close. It must feel good to you, generate a feeling of cosy warmth and security.

Your personal warmth requirements
To help you select the best duvet for your warmth requirements, billerbeck has identified each duvet and mattress protector with its own warmth rating.
These warmth ratings grade duvets on a scale from “1 – summer light“ through to “5 – extra warm“. This means that someone who needs a light cover doesn’t have to perspire all night, while someone who needs a warm duvet, e.g. due to poor circulation, can also find an ideal duvet for them.

  summer light
  extra warm

The right pillow
Stress in the daytime calls for relaxation at night. Your pillow makes a significant contribution to a deep and restful night’s sleep. We offer pillows with different fillings, tailored to suit your individual needs:

  • Down and feather pillows
  • Virgin wool pillows
  • Brand name fibre pillows
  • Neck support pillows

Down pillows
Pillow fillings generally contain stronger feathers with a more elastic quill because they need to perform other functions than a duvet. Duvets contain smaller feathers and down to retain the warmth. The stronger quills need to support the head’s weight effectively. In time, though, even this supportive strength is diminished and when shaking and plumping serve no further purpose, it is time to buy a new pillow. The feathers  and down selected by billerbeck are of such a high quality that they can be washed in a normal machine at 60 °C and then dried in a tumble drier with no additional chemical pre-treatment. This is also worthwhile because every night a glassful of moisture is transferred into your pillow as you sleep.  

Virgin wool pillows
If you like the feeling of wool as you sleep then we can offer you a pillow filled with wool balls which can absorb up to 30% of their weight in moisture without feeling clammy. They also neutralise odours and irritants that arise from our skin function. The pillows are easy to plump, have a zip and can easily be adjusted to suit your individual height requirements.

Fibre pillows
Our billerbeck fibre pillows, made using brand name fibres, are easy to care for.  We particularly recommend pillows filled with easy to plump fibre balls which can be filled to suit your individual requirements. All our fibre pillows can be washed at either 60°C or 95°C and then dried in the tumble drier. They are particularly suitable for those with allergies.

Neck support pillows
Traditional pillows do not always offer complete relaxation – if your head is tilted too far back, the muscles at the front of your neck can become over-stretched and your neck muscles can be over stretched if your head is tilted too far forward. This leads to restless sleep and tension when you wake up. Neck support pillows offer you a relaxed, anatomically correct position for your head and neck as you sleep, whether you sleep on your back or your side. The pillows can be adjusted to suit your own height requirements and have a removable, washable cover.

Even occupational tension in the neck and throat area can be balanced out while you sleep. billerbeck has a whole variety of neck support pillows with latex or comfort core. They can all be adjusted to your preferred height to offer optimum comfort as you sleep.

We offer firm, medium and soft pillows so that you can choose the perfect level of support to guarantee relaxed and refreshing sleep.