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Dauny - Advice on sleeping

„For many people, sleep is the most productive part of their existence“
(Carl Zuckmayer)

We spend a third of our lives asleep. We need this time to maintain all the various vital functions within our organism. We should not view this as wasted time, quite the contrary: sleep is an active part of our lives. During this time our bodies are detoxified and we can refill our energy tanks. Restful sleep is a prerequisite for all physical, mental and spiritual achievements. If you sleep well, you get more out of life.
Getting enough sleep
Average sleep requirements generally decrease the older we get.
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Bedding advice - How can I find the right duvet for me?
The way you sleep is as individual as you are. billerbeck has the right product for you, no matter how you like to sleep. To help you find the products that suit you best, we have put together a whole series of helpful information.
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10 questions
10 questions and answers for restful sleep.
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