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Dauny - Quality

Swiss quality
Dauny down duvets and pillows are Swiss quality products
Our first class duvets and pillows are made at the billerbeck Schweiz AG production site in Fischbach-Göslikon. High quality products require the best materials, beginning, for us, with the down selection. We choose extra-large cluster European goose down with no live plucking. The quality and hygienic cleanliness of the down is constantly checked in our own laboratory.

Choosing the best raw materials is as self-evident to us as ensuring each product is manufactured according to the most demanding ecological criteria. Our manufacturing process depends, on the one hand, on efficient production machines and on the other, on qualified hand finishing. Specialised and committed employees make sure each product is finished perfectly and checked thoroughly before it leaves our company.

The Dauny guarantee
The international guarantee certificates underline the high quality of Dauny.
Dauny offers a comprehensive guarantee on every product, as you should expect from an exclusive brand product. Please look carefully at the international guarantee certificates.

10 year worldwide guarantee on eiderdown duvets. The eider quality certificate guarantees you can enjoy the most exclusive and extraordinary sleep straight from the hand of nature.

International 5 year guarantee for Dauny duvets
Every Dauny duvet has a 5 year guarantee. That gives the customer the reassurance that they have purchased a first-class brand product which will meet their requirements both in terms of material and manufacture.

International 2 year guarantee for Dauny pillows
All Dauny pillows have a 2 year guarantee, because our Dauny pillows are also first-class brand products made carefully with top quality materials.

Quality assurance
Вauny products are made with care and attention to detail.
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Samples of the freshly washed and sorted goods go to our laboratories. Controlling and documenting hygiene levels form part of our daily obligations here at Dauny/billerbeck Schweiz AG.
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