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In-house development department
billerbeck develops and manufactures duvets and pillows according to scientific criteria. This creates products for more quality of life.

Quality of life depends to a large extend on healthy and relaxing sleep. Our physical and mental performance, concentration and ability to work under pressure as well as our moods and numerous organic functions are all compromised when we lack sleep or sleep badly. That is why billerbeck has been making systematic studies of our behaviour and our needs when it comes to healthy sleep for over 50 years..

A partnership with science
Each and every billerbeck product benefits from scientific studies. Our billerbeck Sleep and Health Foundation, active on an international level, brings together specialists and experts from various disciplines: medicine, physiologists, psychologists, biologists, physicists and textile research institutes. It is their job to continually study the various aspects that contribute to the quality of our sleep. All billerbeck products benefit from this research and it has resulted in the creation of numerous innovative products.

In addition to its own scientific research, the Foundation also awards contracts for sleep behaviour research on a wider basis. This focuses in particular on areas which have been the subject of less reliable studies in the past with the aim of clarifying their role.

billerbeck is the only manufacturer of pillows and duvets to invest systematically in its own sleep research foundation. Every billerbeck product can reap the benefits of this research investment. The first neck support pillows to combat tension, sleep aids and duvets for rheumatism sufferers were all developed based on our research findings.