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Dauny marketing

Those, who sleep well, enjoy life.

Professional support for specialist retailers
With any brand product, such as Dauny, both the trade and consumers have a right to expect excellent quality. It is only right for consumers to expect proficient advice. For this reason, Dauny is only available from specialised retailers.

Dauny packaging:
Down and feather products require packaging materials that allows air to circulate whilst protecting them from dust. The elegant dark green or white bags provide attractive packaging for our high quality Dauny products.

They are ideal to protect any sections of a four seasons duvet which are not in use from dust and damage. Often, they are also used to transport or store clothes, linen etc.

Dauny shops:
A clear and attractive display is a must to make a good impression at the point of sale. Our product display units were specially designed for specialist retail stores and are extremely versatile and flexible.